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Hold & Supports Without Straps!

Do not be without BraVage.  BraVage is a backless and strapless, self-adhesive bra that lifts and supports all day long!  BraVage cups are made with a medical grade silicone with an adhesive lining on the inside, plus a front closure for cleavage and lift.  BraVage is washable and reusable and is ideal for any occassion, including backless, halter and strapless dresses - perfect for weddings, proms and everyday use.  They can be worn to help reshape for women who have had past surgeries and they are even water proof, so can be worn under swimsuits.

Available A - DD cups sizes!

Our special offer includes 1 nude bra for $49.99 and for a limited time, you'll also receive 1 sheer grey bra FREE, which is less than a traditional bra at the department store!