How to apply Bravage & Care Instuctions

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Gently hand wash both sides of cups with a lotion free soap, such as Ivory or baby shampoo.  Avoid using anti-bacterial soaps, which break down the silicone faster and decrease the life.  Place cups back in tray and let air dry overnight and they are ready for the next day!


Start with clean, dry skin. No lotion, oil, or powder. The cups are NOT meant to cover your entire breast, just the center handful of your breast. If your shower soap has lotion or oils in it, wipe your breast area with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball first to remove lotion so the bra sticks to your skin. 

For small breasts, or perky, simply place your nipple in the center of the cup with the clip facing the opposite breast. You should have about an inch or more between the clips, then clip the cups together. The more space between the clips when you put it on, the more cleavage you will have.. 

For larger breasts and those needing a lift, place your nipple in the center of the cup. For a few of us, bending over at the waist so your breast is pointing downward may be the easiest way to place your nipple in the center, stand up  then press firmly over your breast. But place the cup on your breast with the clip angled toward your armpit. Do the same with opposite cup. If placed correctly, you should have about 1-2 fingers width of bare skin on underside of the breast. Do Not place the cup all the way under your breast, doesn't go there.. Now clip the cups together . If you need to be lifted more, simply peel down the top edge of each cup and adhere the cup higher on your chest.. Check to see both are the same height, and enjoy your day in the most comfortable bra.. No more straps, wires, or bands bothering you all day.