Sizing Chart

Both cup size and band size (width around) is taken into consideration when determining your BraVage bra size.  Generally, if your band size is 32 - 34, the BraVage size remains the same as your current bra size.  If your band size is 36 - 38, the BraVage size will be higher because of the additional coverage needed for the extra width on the sides.

We designed our Bras wider by size , not deeper, to fit across your chest. So it’s not a cup you fill out, more like a shell that covers part of your breast. A 34B and a 36 B are not the same cup, the 36 is wider. So a B would not fit across the chest, a C or D would be needed.  Those of us in need of a good lift or fuller cup, we recommend a larger cup size. More coverage, more lift. 

If you are unsure which size to order, call me & I will help you get the right size. I have designed & manufactured Bravage for over 12 years, I can help. 386-341-9334  Mary 

Please note, BraVage bra is NOT meant to cover the entire breast area.  It is only meant to cover about 75% of breast area so that BraVage doesn't show when wearing summer tops and formal attire.


*If you are a fuller cup, we recommend the next size up.  If you are a smaller cup, we recommend to stay in your current size.